Why Is Shirt Interlining a Must for Shirts?

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What is shirt interlining?
What is shirt interlining

Shirt interlining refers to a kind of bonded lining used in clothing collar, mainly to play a role in shaping, collar interlining is also divided into shirt collar lining, lining collar lining, suit collar lining, suit collar lining, etc.

The shirt interlining is usually made of T/C and cotton fabric as the base fabric, and the coating is usually HDPE/LDPE and EVA.

The processing of The shirt interlining is mostly powdered hair, and the coating is divided into two kinds of glue and flat glue, the collar lining fabric surface of the glue has a convex and concave feeling when touched by hand, and there is a strong sense of grain, and there is a brown feeling when rubbed by hand.

The calendered collar lining is smooth to the touch and reflective to the light. The softness of the same collar lining can be adjusted by resin, usually, there are S (soft touch), M (medium touch), and H (hard touch).

As cloth has heat shrinkage, so in the choice of collar lining must pay attention to the collar lining and fabric shrinkage rate, one should choose a shrinkage rate like the collar lining sticky, otherwise there will be blistering off and other phenomena occur.

The history of shirt interlining.

In order to achieve certain hardness and stiffness, collar interlining is usually treated with resin, so collar interlining is also a kind of resin interlining and hard interlining. With the gradual development of China's interlining industry, the supply of interlining (hard interlining) on the market now mainly comes from China.
The history of shirt interlining

Shirt interlining classification.

Shirt collar interlining belongs to a class of hard interlining fabric, its classification includes bonded interlining and non-bonded interlining two categories.

Its base fabric has cotton interlining, a polyester-cotton blend, hemp fabric, etc., and the feel is soft and smooth, and there is also pile (velvet) processing of interlining.

Due to the development of the industry now most of the interlining used in collar lining are bonded collar lining, the base fabric mostly uses cotton interlining, a polyester-cotton blend, all polyester and other raw materials.

In terms of lining hardness, it can be divided into M type, S type, H type, HH type, and HHH type according to the soft to hard sorting, so you can choose the collar lining (hard lining) hardness according to the demand and usage.

The use of shirt interlining:

Shirt interlining (hard lining fabric) is the collar forming "bone" of shirts, suits, coats, etc., to ensure that the shape of the collar design does not go out of shape, with a stiff, reinforcing, and solid role, the use of collar lining (hard lining fabric) collar and human neck fit, stable shape, flat and beautiful.

How to use shirt interlining?

The collar of the clothes, you need to use a special collar lining, collar lining is divided into hard collar lining and soft collar lining, collar lining to be cut with the net sample, collar lining can be 45 ° oblique cutting, can also be cut horizontally (according to the need to determine), so that the collar made beautiful.

Method 1: Fold the lining in half and use 1/2 net collar sample and draw on the lining.
How to use shirt interlining

Then cut off the net collar lining is ready. Tip: When cutting, do not cut the wrong place.
How to use shirt interlining2

Method 2: Lay the lining flat with the glue side down, then draw the complete collar lining with the net sample.
How to use shirt interlining3

Then just cut the net collar lining. The collar lining cut in this way is not easily misplaced.
How to use shirt interlining4

The lining of the rubber, is required to melt high temperature, about 170 ℃ + steam. Tip: 170 ℃, generally in the iron "cotton, linen" file.
How to use shirt interlining5

The collar made in this way is flat and straight.
How to use shirt interlining6

In addition to the coat collar lining, it should also be cut into a net collar. Usually, the collar lining is used on the collar surface.

Suit collar lining cutting: horizontal cutting on the collar face, 45° diagonal cutting on the bottom of the collar. Use thin lining for the lining of the suit.


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