GF11 Spray Adhesive for Sponge & Insulation Material

GF11 Spray Adhesive for Sponge & Insulation Material is an adhesive for advertising materials, insulation materials, acoustic materials, HVAC materials, and benzene board materials. It is made from a variety of imported environmentally friendly ...

GF11 Spray Adhesive for Sponge & Insulation Material is an adhesive for advertising materials, insulation materials, acoustic materials, HVAC materials, and benzene board materials. It is made from a variety of imported environmentally friendly raw materials and non-toxic and odorless dimethyl ether processing, environmental indicators by SGS testing, in line with the EU REACH standards, better than the national GB18583 - 2008 environmental requirements. Tajima 109 has no corrosion, non-toxic, low odor, high bonding strength, construction of beautiful features, compared to the traditional spray adhesive. The operation is flexible, convenient and economical, effectively reducing the cost of production and processing.


Product Specifications:

 Product name:

 GF11 Spray Adhesive for Sponge & Insulation Material


 Multi-functional filamentous adhesives


 Wallpaper spray adhesive


 600ml / 450g

 Use range:

 Sticky spring couplets, murals, photo albums, sticky paper ads, sticky foam, wallpaper.

 Main function:

 Sticky, adhesive


 Strong adhesion

 Order quantity:


 Package spec:


 Carton size:


 Curing method:

 Spray type

 Environmental grade:

 New national standard GB18583-2008


 Hand press spraying


 Transparent filamentous


 It can be used to adhere any lightweight material and has an extremely wide range of use, up to dozens of materials.

 Packing method:

 Cardboard box

 Delivery time:

 25 days


 National standard high quality

 Working temperature:

 Room temperature

 Shelf life:

 24 months

Certificates & SGS:

Certificates & SGS

Product Features:

1. High adhesion, fast bonding, versatile, and easy to use.

2. Strong adhesion, not easy to fall off, reusable.

3. Low penetration of adhesive, keep on the surface of garment fabric, reduce the amount of adhesive.

4. No wrinkling when adhering to fine materials.

5. GF11 Spray Adhesive for Sponge & Insulation Material has a large spray surface and high efficiency.

6. Clean formula, more comprehensive use, unique triangle head spraying area is wider, more uniform glue application.

Uses (application scenarios):

1. Wallpaper installation: Wallpaper spray adhesive is one of the necessary tools for wallpaper installation. It firmly adheres the wallpaper to the wall, ensuring that the wallpaper is flat, strong and long-lasting.

2. Repair and replacement: Wallpaper spray adhesive can also be useful if the wallpaper is damaged or needs to be replaced. It can help to repair damaged parts of the wallpaper or put new wallpaper on the wall to give it a new look.

3. Sound insulation and thermal insulation: Wallpaper spray adhesive increases the seal between the wallpaper and the wall, providing effective sound insulation and thermal insulation. It can reduce the transmission of sound while providing some insulation and improving indoor comfort.

4. Decoration and beautification: Wallpaper spray adhesive can help achieve various decorative effects and beautify walls. Wallpaper comes in a variety of patterns, colors and textures, and using wallpaper spray adhesive can secure the wallpaper to the wall, creating a unique decorative effect that makes the room more beautiful and personalized.

5. Water and Moisture Resistant: Some wallpaper spray adhesives are water and moisture resistant, effectively protecting the wall from moisture and humidity. This is especially important in bathrooms, kitchens and other humid environments to extend the life of the wallpaper.

Application Scenario:

Pictures of the Factory:

Pictures of the Factory1

Method of Use and Precautions:
Method of use and Precautions:

How to Use: (see above)

Note: When working with spray adhesive try to do it in a ventilated environment, the irritating odor will be much reduced.

1. Shake fully before use, spray holes aligned with the can side of the ground paste.

2. Maintain a distance of 20 cm and spray a wet layer of adhesive on the adhesive surface.

3. Stick the adhesive surface closely together.

4. After use, invert the can and spray in the air for about 3 seconds to clear the remaining adhesive in the spray hole. If the spray hole is blocked, use alcohol to clean it.

4.1). Temporary adhesion: spraying on one side, the front time is about 10 minutes.

4.2). Permanent bonding: Double-sided spraying with a lead time of about 20 minutes.

Precautions for Use:

1. This can is a pressurized package, containing flammable gases and solvents, easily explode when encountering high temperature.

2. Keep away from children, and avoid children's contact with this product.

3. Keep air circulation when using, avoid inhalation spray.

5. Store in a cool, ventilated place, <30℃ is recommended.

6. Keep away from heat and fire sources, avoid direct sunlight, do not store at 49℃.

7. Spray out the liquid before discarding to avoid harming others.

8. Avoid contact between the adhesive and the skin or eyes. (After contact, apply water to wash. If accidentally swallowed or if there is a continuous however during the use of the situation, should be the previous consultation.)


Q1.What is the MOQ and price of GF11 Spray Adhesive for Sponge & Insulation Material?

A1: The min order quantity is 20 cases, and the specific price should be contacted by our sales staff.

Q2. Can I customize the appearance of the spray adhesive?

A2: Of course, our factory specializes in the production of spray adhesive products, lubricants, adhesives and cleaners.

Q3. What are your payment and delivery terms?

A3: Payment terms vary according to order quantity and agency policy, you can negotiate with our sales staff specifically. FOB, CFR, CIF.

Q4. What is the sample policy?

A4: We can provide several samples for free. The courier fee for aerosol products will be high and the customer has to pay the shipping cost.

Q5.How long is your delivery time?

A5: Generally, we are ready for delivery as soon as we receive the advance payment, which takes 25 to 30 days. We strictly monitor every step of the process, including production, making orders, packaging and shipping, until delivery to your country.

Q6. How can you keep a long term good relationship with our business?

A6: We provide quality products and services, maintain good communication channels with you, and ensure our customers can benefit. The customer wins first, so we can win. And build an honest and transparent partnership, respect every customer and do business with friends sincerely.

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