TYC180 Elastic Waist Interlining



TYC180 Elastic Waist Interlining This type of product has good elasticity, strong tension, moderate tightness, and easy stretching It has the advantages of durability and is not easy to loosen. It is widely used in the waist of various knitted clothing, such as yoga clothes, and can be synchronized with the curvature of the fabric in the skirt and pants, making it more comfortable to wear.

Detailed Product Specifications and Parameters:

 Item  TYC180
 Width  40'' - 60''
 Material  100%Polyester
 Weight  180GSM
 Powder  40℃ PA

Technical Data:

 Composition  PES
 Weight  ≈/ca.24-150g/m^2
 Technology  Powder dot
 Point  21Mesh
 Width  35’’-78’’(90cm-200cm)
 Color  Snow white
 Off white

Fusing Conditions:

 Temperature  130-150℃  130-150℃
 Glue-line Temperature  121-143℃  121-143℃
 Pressure  2-4kg/cm2  2-4kg/cm2
 Time  12-15S  12-15S
 〇 Continuous bonding machine        ∠ Flat-press fusing machine

Certificate of TYC180 Elastic Waist Interlining

Certificate of TYC180 Elastic Waist Interlining

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