W584B3 orange-red Circular Knitting Interlining, Powder Point Technology



The circular knitting interlining has a soft and comfortable hand feeling. After bonding with the fabric, it can improve the drape and hand feeling of the clothing, enhance the comfort of the body feeling, effectively prevent deformation of the clothing after wearing or washing, enhance the fullness of the clothing, having reinforcing effect on local areas. The circular knitting interlining with powder dot technology has been upgraded on the basis of ordinary one, having advantages such as dropping powder and curling edges uneasily, small reverse, and good washing effect. The width of our company's circular knitting interlining can be from 90CM to 200CM, and the washing effect can be changed from normal washing to garment dyeing washing. The hand feeling can also be soft to different hardness, and various color interlining fabrics can also be customized.

Detailed Product Specifications and Parameters:

 Item  W584B3 orange-red
 Width  60''
 Material  100%Polyester
 Weight  45GSM
 Powder  PES

Technical Data:

 Composition  PES
 Weight  ≈/ca.24-150g/m^2
 Technology  Powder dot
 Point  21Mesh
 Width  35’’-78’’(90cm-200cm)
 Color  Snow white
 Off white

Fusing Conditions:

 Temperature  130-150℃  130-150℃
 Glue-line Temperature  121-143℃  121-143℃
 Pressure  2-4kg/cm2  2-4kg/cm2
 Time  12-15S  12-15S
 〇 Continuous bonding machine        ∠ Flat-press fusing machine

Certificate of W584B3 orange-red Circular Knitting Interlining
Certificate of W584B3 orange-red Circular Knitting Interlining

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