Guangdong for the textile and apparel industry to digital transformation pointing the way.

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Guangdong textile and garment and furniture industry digital transformation have a clear roadmap. Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Guangdong Province Textile and Garment Industry Digital Transformation Guidelines", by 2025, the province's textile and garment industry to reach more than 60% of the level of integration of the two, above-scale enterprises to reach more than 70%. At the same time, it will also foster a number of 5G fully connected factories, smart manufacturing demonstration factories, and excellent application scenarios in the textile and garment industry.

The consumer goods industry involves various fields such as clothing, food, housing, travel, shopping, and entertainment, and is an important force driving economic growth. In the opinion of experts, to realize the fundamental transformation of products into brands and transform quality advantages into brand advantages, it is urgent to give play to the amplification, superposition, and multiplication of digital technology to further enhance the added value of products and brand premiums.

Create an industrial Internet demonstration base for the textile and apparel industry.

"Clothing is a non-standard product, with different styles, structures, and production logic, and it is difficult to form a unified standard technically. Enterprises doing digital research and development often look at problems from the perspective of the Internet, and still need to deepen their understanding of the clothing industry and human engineering structure." In recent years, Chen Zhiguang, the deputy general manager of Guangzhou Exceptional Clothing Co., Ltd., deeply felt the necessity and urgency of Digital transformation, But also deeply felt the difficulties faced by the Digital transformation of the textile and clothing industry.

To this end, the transformation guidance focuses on the application of digital technology in key links such as research and development design, production and manufacturing, business management, and public services in the textile and clothing industry, and proposes specific guidance.

For example, guide the cluster to build an Industrial Internet platform serving the textile industry in the region, carry out data collection, mining, and innovative applications, mine and refine application scenarios and corresponding solutions that are suitable for the characteristics of the textile and clothing industry and solve practical problems in the industry, build an industrial cluster Industrial Internet platform system for the textile and clothing industry, and build three to five Industrial Internet demonstration bases for the textile and clothing industry.

In terms of Digital transformation of the design department of garment enterprises, it proposed to set up a number of enterprise-level, prefecture-level, and municipal-level industrial design centers, and create several industrial design centers at or above the provincial level. In terms of business model innovation, support new concepts such as "new retail", leverage the experience, interaction, and spatial advantages of physical market platforms, and boost the physical market economy. At the same time, digital technologies such as RF chips, QR codes, barcodes, and cards are utilized to establish a recognition system and after-sales service system for textile and clothing products.

Guangdong will also promote textile and clothing enterprises to strengthen deep cooperation with textile and clothing stores, distributors, e-commerce platforms, and other platforms, make full use of various platform data banks, analyze and excavate consumer group profiles, incubate and cultivate best-selling products, and transform enterprises from "selling what they produce" to "producing what they need", creating a unique and influential new online consumer brand. Fully tap into the data resources of textile and clothing exhibitions in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and other cities to provide support for exhibition recruitment, investment attraction, service, and industry policy formulation.

In view of the characteristics of private enterprises in the textile and clothing industry, which are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, the transformation guidance starts from the urgent link of Digital transformation needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, proposes to develop a low-cost, lightweight, platform-based, effective digital solutions suitable for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, promotes enterprises to go to the platform, and supports research institutions to build public service platforms for them.

Guangdong will also help enterprises to carry out diagnostic consultation in Digital transformation and provide services such as solution applications. While promoting the Digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, we should strengthen the research on the digital development of the industry and promote the development of standards related to industry digitalization.

Source: Southern Daily

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